Traditional Art

Twelfth Night (GSC Competition)

Art © Pamela Lokhun 2016. All rights reserved.
My interpretations of Viola (left, dressed as a boy “Cesario”) and Duke Orsino (right).
Art © Pamela Lokhun 2016. All rights reserved.
My initial sketch of the characters as I try to figure out their personalities.

Last month (in February) I decided to enter the Graphic Shakespeare Competition as a drawing exercise. The challenge was to interpret a selected Shakespeare scene into a 4-page comic and I decided to try illustrating a scene from “Twelfth Night”, in which Cesario (Viola) has a conversation with Orsino. I didn’t really have much time to think over the setting (I worked on my entry a week before the deadline) so I designed the characters in ‘Elizabethan’ costume. Though I had not featured the outdoors environment in my comic, I do picture the surroundings have a more exotic feeling as it is based on an island.

I really did enjoy working on this entry and so perhaps I might produce my own version of Twelfth Night in time. I would like a chance to develop my ideas further if I pick it up as a project in future. We’ll see, but in the mean time, you can read my entry here.

Andante and Other Comics


© Pamela Lokhun 2014. All rights reserved.
Faux promotional poster for Andante’s upcoming concert at the London Concert Hall (totally made up place!). I created this image for specific use in my Manga Jiman entry “Andante” last year.

I finally have some comics in the comics section of my website! I’m still adding to it and I’m not 100% happy with the layout  yet, but I’ll keep working on it.

Among the titles in the comics section is my entry for last year’s Manga Jiman competition 2014 entitled “Andante”. I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this on my blog yet, but I’ve managed to placed 8th this time (in 2013, I placed 9th, 2014 I placed 8th… at this rate, I’ll make it to first place in seven years)! Anyway, the Japan Embassy in London is currently displaying an exhibition of all the winners works which will last until…what?! Tomorrow?! Better hurry over there and check it out before it’s too late D: (visit the embassy website for more details).

If for some unfortunate reason you can’t make the trip to the exhibition, (maybe because I’ve informed you too late) do not worry! My entry “Andante” is now available to read on my website along with previous short comics I’ve created (just click “comics” from the main menu to see the current list). I’m still adding things to the comics page so I’ll post another update when I do.

Watercolour Practice

Artwork © Pamela Lokhun 2014
Keanu Reeves (painted with gouache and concentrated watercolours).
Artwork © Pamela Lokhun 2014
Work in progress shots of the painting stages.

I wanted to experiment and compare a watercoloured, “young and happy” portrait to the digital “serious and more mature” version I did previously. I actually completed this one before the digital one (I started this one shortly after I begun the other). Traditional mediums such as watercolours allow little room for mistakes (unlike digital art) so I was cautious about how I applied the colours (I had to be very delicate with it or I’d ruin the whole thing). It has been a very long time since I last touched my watercolours so this was refreshing to work on :).