Twelfth Night (GSC Competition)

Art © Pamela Lokhun 2016. All rights reserved.
My interpretations of Viola (left, dressed as a boy “Cesario”) and Duke Orsino (right).
Art © Pamela Lokhun 2016. All rights reserved.
My initial sketch of the characters as I try to figure out their personalities.

Last month (in February) I decided to enter the Graphic Shakespeare Competition as a drawing exercise. The challenge was to interpret a selected Shakespeare scene into a 4-page comic and I decided to try illustrating a scene from “Twelfth Night”, in which Cesario (Viola) has a conversation with Orsino. I didn’t really have much time to think over the setting (I worked on my entry a week before the deadline) so I designed the characters in ‘Elizabethan’ costume. Though I had not featured the outdoors environment in my comic, I do picture the surroundings have a more exotic feeling as it is based on an island.

I really did enjoy working on this entry and so perhaps I might produce my own version of Twelfth Night in time. I would like a chance to develop my ideas further if I pick it up as a project in future. We’ll see, but in the mean time, you can read my entry here.